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Expert Advice

Each week we are bringing you top tips and advice from Rachel Bridge – leading entrepreneur and small business expert – on all aspects of running your own business.

  • How to choose the right supplier for your business

    If you are not sure how to find a supplier, check out the adverts and features in trade magazines for your industry, study supplier directories, get referrals from other small businesses and if all else fails, start... read more
  • How to manage stock

    Invest in an inventory management system which you can either buy as software to run on your computer or access online. They are not expensive but make sure you choose one which has been specifically designed for small... read more
  • How to network

    Understand why it works. Despite big advances in technology and communications, people still generally feel more comfortable doing business with people they have met in person. Part of this is to do with creating trust, and... read more
  • How to use technology to enable flexible working in your business

    Give employees remote access to your business computer systems so they can access their business emails, log in to the customer database, see real time sales data, download documents and files and so on, from their laptop... read more
  • How to raise money via a customer bond

    Customer bonds are a relatively new way of raising money. They have caught people’s attention because instead of trying to persuade a sceptical bank to lend, you are borrowing from people who already like your business... read more
  • What to do if someone copies your business

    Before you get outraged, make sure you really have been copied. It could be that you both had the same idea at the same time. Find out when the other party started their business by looking on the Companies House website.... read more
  • How to introduce flexible working into your business

    Understand what flexible working is. It can take many forms, including working remotely, working unusual hours, flexitime and job sharing. The term simply refers to any work schedule that is different to a normal working... read more
  • How to create a strong local presence

    Open the doors of your business to local residents, by holding open days and site tours so they can see what you do there. Consider creating a members card for local residents which gives them discounts on products and... read more
  • Understanding your profit and loss account

    Your profit and loss account tells the story of your business over a particular time period, starting with how much gross income from sales it made and how much it cost to achieve those sales. Those costs might include... read more
  • How to merge your business

    Be clear about why you are doing this. Perhaps because it will give the combined business enough market share to challenge the current market leader. Or because it will enable you to share technical expertise, or put you in... read more
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